Monday, January 07, 2008

New Book - No Country for Old Men

On the advice of Greg Weeser*, I stopped reading Story by Robert McKee. I had started that because it was "suggested reading" for a film and TV writing class I'm starting this week at Second City. Greg informed me that there were better books on screenwriting than Story, and since his college diploma has the word "Tisch" on it and he has actually written at least one screenplay, I chose to follow his advice. However, rather than start another book on screenwriting, I went with No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy. I haven't seen the movie, although I've heard it's excellent, and I’ve heard the book is excellent as well. I'll let you know.


robd said...

the movie is top notch cinema.

mccarthy won the pulitzer for The Road i think in 2006, and though it's a major downer, it merits its substantial accolades

Anonymous said...

The movie is very, very good.

The book is better.

You're taking them on in the right order.

Incidentally, can Eric Gordon turn water to wine? He was insane last night.