Wednesday, December 09, 2015

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Beer: Goose Island Winter Ale

Tonight's selection is a pretty standard winter ale, Goose Island's aptly named Winter Ale.  On the bottle, it explains that it has "nutty chocolate aromas."  I got your nutty chocolate aromas right here.  Because I'm drinking the beer right now.  Chode smelling jokes aside, this is a pretty solid winter ale.  It does have some nutty flavors, and it's nice and malty, as a good winter ale should be.  Plus, it's not too heavy or too high in alcohol content, so you can drink a lot of them if you so desire.  And you should desire.

Name:  Winter Ale
Brewery:  Goose Island Brewing Company
Location:  Chicago, Illinois
ABV: 5.3%
IBU:  25
Good for drinking if:  you want to bring something to a holiday party that will be universally enjoyed, except by complete assholes.  And kids.  You shouldn't give this to children.
Rating (out of 5 stars):  4 stars

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