Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Retro Video of the Week: "Wonderful Christmastime" by Paul McCartney

It's time for some holiday videos for Retro Video of the Week.  This week, I'm going with Paul McCartney's very synthy 1979 holiday hit, "Wonderful Christmastime."  Technically, this is outside the parameters of Retro Video of the Week because the video was made before MTV, but sometimes I like to break the rules just to see if I'll get pissed off at myself.  "Wonderful Christmastime" is not my favorite Christmas song, nor do I think it's a particularly good McCartney song, but hey, he's a Beatle, so he was ahead of his time.  The synthesizers definitely sound like they should be in any variety of new wave songs a few years later.  Members of Wings appear in the video, even though this is technically just a solo McCartney song.

The song peaked at #6 on the UK charts and apparently makes McCartney an average of $400,000 a year.  Yes, just this one song makes him nearly a half a million dollars each year in royalties.  Instead of going to law school, I should have been one of the most successful songwriters and musicians in the history of the world.  Thanks, Obama!

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