Monday, December 21, 2015

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Beer: Illuminated Fnord, Avery Old Jubilation, and Atlas Intemporelle Abbey-Style Quadruppel

Illuminated Fnord
Friday night was my company's holiday party.  Things got away from me, and next thing I knew, I was sitting at Twisted Spoke at 1 in the morning wearing little more than Santa tie, a green blazer, and a well-positioned kerchief.  I ordered what appeared to be the only winter beer on the menu that I hadn't yet had, or so I recall -- Illuminated's Fnord.  I had about three sips before taking this finger-blocked picture, logging the beer into Untappd, and then promptly deciding that I needed to go home.  I wish I could tell you more about it.

Name:  Fnord Wit
Brewery:  Illuminated Brew Works
Location:  Chicago, Illinois
ABV: 7.3%
Good for drinking if:  you need something to take the edge off after a long night of drinking scotch
Rating (out of 5 stars):  3 stars

Avery Old Jubilation
Saturday night, I went to Rocks to continue my work on the 12 Beers of Christmas.  One of the beers I had was Avery's Old Jubilation Ale.  I like most Avery beers I've had, particularly the Dictator series and Holy Trinity series of bombers.  Old Jubilation is a good winter warmer.  It has a relatively high ABV (8.3%), but doesn't taste too strong.  Unlike many other winter ales, it doesn't have spices, but it's still nice and malty.

Name:  Old Jubilation Ale
Brewery:  Avery Brewing Company
Location:  Boulder, Colorado
ABV: 8.3%
IBU:  45
Good for drinking if:  you have just really pissed off your wife by asking her if you could meet a friend at Rocks a night after staying out until almost 2 after your work holiday party, but she says yes anyway because she's awesome
Rating (out of 5 stars):  4 stars

Atlas Intemporelle Abbey-Style Quadruppel
Last night was our block's annual winter block party, which we have at Atlas Brewing Company, which is attached to Seven Ten Lounge, a bowling alley.  There's food, beer, and bowling, so kids and adults of all ages have a good time.  One of the beers I had was their Intemporelle Abbey-Style Quadruppel.  It's a really good Belgian quad, with some extra spice and maltiness for the holidays.  I forgot to take a picture, but I highly recommend it if you happen to go to Atlas (it's only available at the brewpub), although it may be more enjoyable if you are able to sit down for five damn minutes.

Name:  Intemporelle Abbey-Style Quadruppel
Brewery:  Atlas Brewing Company
Location:  Chicago, Illinois
ABV: 9%
Good for drinking if:  you are chasing a 21-month-old back and forth between a brewery and a bowling alley for about three hours
Rating (out of 5 stars):  4.5 stars

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