Friday, June 15, 2007

Get Well Hep

It's a rough day for the Indiana University football family. Head coach Terry Hoeppner, who last year took the Hoosiers within a win of their first bowl game since 1993, will be sitting out the 2007 season due to health concerns. Assistant coach Bill Lynch will serve as the head coach for the 2007 season.

As many of you probably know, Coach Hep came to IU just 2 years ago from Miami (OH), where he dominated the MAC and coached Big Ben Roethlisberger. He is an Indiana native, and called the IU head coaching job his "dream job" -- thus becoming the first person to ever say that. He brought a level of energy to the program that had been lacking since the days of Vaughn Dunbar and Trent Green. Attendance, season ticket sales, and student season ticket sales are all up significantly over the past two seasons.

After his first season at IU, Hep underwent surgery to remove a tumor from his brain. In September 2006, he had a second surgery to remove some scar tissue from his brain. Despite his second brain surgery in less than a year, he missed only two games (both 7-point home losses to teams we should have beaten). Then in February or March of this year, he announced that he was going to take some time off and that he would be skipping spring practices. Apparently he had not fully recovered from the second surgery, and his body simply needs some more rest.

Obviously, the GMYH family (i.e., me) wishes Hep the best recovery possible, and I think I speak for all IU football fans when I say that I hope he is healthy enough to coach the Hoosiers in 2008.

No 50K
So far no one has stepped up as visitor number 50,000. Sorry Kyla, 50,001 doesn't count. If no one ponies up, then I will have to postpone the fake bio until 60,000. Or maybe I will make good on Mr. 40,000, Gemkeezi, although I think I already told you all you need to know about him when reviewing his 2004 album, Drowsy, during A-Z Day 23. Frankly, I think his wretched tale of deceit, chemical abuse, and buggery might draw some ire from the FCC.

New Book
I finished the Howlin' Wolf biography, and it was pretty good. He seemed like a good dude. I just started reading Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon by Daniel C. Dennett.

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The Flash said...

rumor inside the program is that Hep somewhat disingenuously withheld true information as to his health status in attempt to wrangle a good financial settlement from the university. of course, 'Hep' in this context more likely refers to his family, since Hep himself has apparently been somewhat vegetative of late. on the other side of the table, the university protected itself with a contract clause basically saying they didn't have to pay him if he couldn't perform his duties. so both sides had to use the media to spur the other to action, and this is what we get.

this puts everyone involved in hock. Hep's dying of a brain tumor, IU loses a recruiting season, the kids on the team will be emotionally f'd up, the AD can't help but look like a heartless SOB., and on top of all that, IU doesn't have a bona fide head coach. layer this with the tumult surrounding other recent coaching changes at IU and right now you've got quite. a. mess. nevertheless, i think, this year, that i... yes, i do. i smell Roses.