Friday, June 01, 2007

Never Gonna Give Never Gonna Give

As the homeless guy who hangs out on Madison between Wells and Franklin says each Friday, "Happy Friday everybody! Help me get something to eat."

I think it's safe to say that EVERYONE loves Rick Astley. The red coif of hair, the blue-eyed soul voice, the schoolboy charm, the beady eyes, the synthesized xylophone. It's all there, ladies. And he's Australian, which means he's a tiger in the sack, he always carries a bowie knife, and he's extremely susceptible to stingray barbs. To top it off, when you blare "Never Gonna Give You Up" on repeat in your fraternity room, then lock your door and go to class, upon your return the guys in the room next to you will tell you, "If I ever hear that song again, I will fucking kill you."

Thanks to Gregerson for sending me a link to the following YouTube clip of a 2006 performance by Astley of his seminal hit, NGGYU (as die-hard Astley fans call it). The man does not age.

And because I know you'll be clamoring for them, here are the original videos for NGGYU and "Together Forever."

Together Forever:

You're very welcome.

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The Weez said...

2006?!? WTF? Dude looks younger than he did when those songs first came out. Although, I've haven't seen such an unenthused audience since Def Leppard's performance of Let's Get Rocked at the '93 VMAs