Wednesday, December 31, 2008

On Trivia and Running Amok in Kent

In celebration of New Year's Eve Eve, I went to Rocks last night for some trivia. Our team -- Tripp Johnston is a Bastard -- was comprised of Gregerson, his ladyfriend Emily, Andy, Nick, The Most Interesting Man in the World, and me. It was a record-setting night at Rocks, with 25 teams competing. Needless to say, we held off the other 24 teams for a well-deserved victory. I also completed my 12 Beers of Christmas, so I will be receiving a Rocks t-shirt listing the aforementioned 12 beers, with the name Leon on it. I will give it to my second-born son on the first Christmas after his 21st birthday.

December 30 is also the the birth day of The Floppy Burrito. As is the custom in the Midwest, he celebrated his continued existence by paying an ale house to serve him alcohol. I contacted him via text message and went to meet him after our impressive trivia victory. I first showed up at Lux Bar, ordered a $5.25 Bud Light, and soon realized I was at the wrong bar. I became verbally abusive after the wait staff was unable to tell me where Jeremy was. Crisis and bloodshed were avoided with a simple phone call to Jer, during which he informed me that he was a block away at Trader Vic's.

I ran to Trader Vic's, howling like a jackal all the way. When I arrived, I ordered a London Sour, which was described on the menu in the following manner: "If you like scotch, this is a different take on it" (or something like that). I like scotch, so I figured what the hell. For future reference, "is a different take on it" means "tastes nothing like scotch and sucks ass." On the bright side, I was able to hang out with Jer's younger brothers Justin and Clayton, who have apparently grown up, and Justin's special ladyfriend who wore a hat that Jer lusted after. At the table next to us, I saw a werewolf drinking a piña colada. And his hair was perfect.

After giving our terrible waitress a larger tip than she deserved, we traveled via livery to the Map Room, which I found to be a misleading name. After a beer of two, we all decided to part ways. I wept audibly for most of the cab ride home. When I got home, I ate a block of marbled cheddar cheese and a big dish of beef chow mein from Lee Ho Fook's while watching reruns of Small Wonder on the Spanish-language channel. ¡Harriet Brindle es una pelirroja mala!

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Bob Terwilliger said...

Well, I never thought much of you before this, but weaving Warren Zevon in with V.I.K.I is brilliant. I can only hope this is a sign of things to come in 2009.