Thursday, May 31, 2007

Billboard Hot 1

In the Chicago suburb of Glenview, a billboard for a salon/medical spa is causing quite a stir.

As you can see, it points out "problems" with her skin, body, etc., and explains the "solutions" offered by said salon/medical spa. For some reason, this is really pissing off a lot of soccer moms. I know I hate being forced to look at beautiful things while I'm driving, and maybe that's the problem that people have with it. I guess I'm failing to see where the offensiveness lies. Is it because she's bearing her legs? Is it because she's lying in water and giving the viewers a sultry look? Or is it because she's hot and has a great body? I'm guessing it's the last one. If the exact same billboard featured an ugly, wrinkled, or overweight woman (or a combination of all three) in the same pose wearing the same thing, then I'm guessing there would be a lot fewer "offended" people (or at least fewer offended females).

Frankly, I think it's effective advertising for a salon/medical spa. It would be even better if it had a side-by-side before/after shot of, say, Rosie O'Donnell or Dame Judi Dench (with the arrows and "problems"/"solutions") as the before shot, and then this woman as the after. Now THAT is effective advertising. Phhtt!

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