Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fold or Wad?

Last night I made my somewhat triumphant return to trivia at Rocks after a two-week hiatus. Our team, Tammy Faye: One Dog Michael Vick Didn't Kill, was comprised of me, Gregerson, Dan Weeser* (kudos for coming up with the team name), Remus, and Greg's friend Andy. Long story short, we finished in second place, so we got to choose a round for next week. The "name that tune" round will be all hair band music. Giddy up. In other news, I ran into Kyle "Needles and" Pynn at Rocks. Apparently he recently moved to Chicago. He's still taller than me.

New Book
As threatened, I started reading Hammer of the Gods by Stephen Davis. For those of you who don't know, Hammer of the Gods is the definitive Led Zeppelin biography. I'm only about 60 pages in, and it's been a quick read so far. No penetration with shark fins yet.

New Poll
Thanks to everyone who voted Erin Esurance (42%) to a resounding hotness victory over Hannah Montana (34%) and Kim Possible (23%). This week's poll asks the eternal question about toilet paper: Do you fold or do you wad? Personally, I'm a folder. Wadding seems to bring with it unpredictability and a greater chance of uncleanliness.

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