Thursday, July 12, 2007

King Konga Update

Apparently my A-Z CDs Day 31 featuring King Konga made its way to Google, as web pages have a tendency to do. I got an email a week and a half ago (shows you how often I check the GMYH Yahoo account) from Dave Crist, King Konga's former manager. Here's what he had to say:

Hey... it is really cool to read things about Konga like on your blog!

Every now and then I do a Google search on them and I am always so glad to find stuff like your post out there!

I was Konga's manager (and road dog, sound guy, you name it) for those years when they were playing Little Five and I remember that we always had an AMAZING time there.

FYI: Dan is producing music in Atlanta now, Steve is touring with a guy named Trent Tomlinson, Tony just recently had a little girl and lives in southern MS still teaching at a school, and Skeeto and still playing drums professionally.

Hope you are well. Thanks for 'taking me back' for a bit...

'old school' Dave Crist

(me) ( 8D)

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